The main buildings at Hartpiece are the Hall, Tappen and Farmhouse. The buildings are sited on a slope so entry to all three is via steps. The access statement below begins with the Hall.

The Hall

Outside separate parking for four cars is is well-lit. Two steps lead down from the parking area to Hall front (top) patio area and main entry doors. The main entry door has a stone step with metal strip.. A low threshold separates the entry and the main kitchen/living area of the Hall. The floors on the main (upstairs) floor of the Hall are polished wood; non-slip floor care products are used to limit slipperiness. Eleven open wooden stairs lead down to the bedrooms on the ground floor of the Hall; a stair gate closure is fixed to the top of the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a tiled area ; the first bedroom is also tiled with no joining strip. However the further two bedrooms and foyer are carpeted, with carpet fixing strips. The family bathroom is equipped with step-in shower-bath. A metal strip separates the slate en suite floor and Lamplighter bedroom. A double door leads from Lamplighter to the outside patio. There are two wooden thresholds around a welcome mat in front of the door. Four stone steps lead to the stone patio. 10 Stone steps to the west side of the Hall lead down to the patio area.

Turning east to the Tappen

There is a slight change of levels where the patio ends and parking for the Tappen begins. There are five winding steps up to the Tappen. There is a threshold at the entrance doors. Although the Tappen is on a single level, there is a slight rise in floor level in the kitchen area, which is stone. There is wood flooring in the living/dining areas and bedrooms but a slight join into the tiled bathrooms. Both en suites are wet-room style with the floor slightly shaped for drainage.

Turning west to the Farm

There is a separate drive to the Farm with space for up to 12 cars. The parking area is well- lit by automatic lighting activated by a magic eye. There are two sets of four steps leading from the parking area to the Farm. On the left are four stone steps and on the right four further steps lead directly to the decking in front of the Farm; there is a lip on each of the composite steps. There are two steps and a lintel leading into Farm East kitchen. There are French doors linking the decking and the Farm’s Rose Room, West kitchen and lower family room; there is one step to Rose, two to West kitchen and a threshold only to [Eastern Promise].

The porches to the Farm are accessed from the back. There is a low step between the patio area and the back. There is a raised lintel to Farm East back porch and another lintel from the porch into the main room. Inside, there is a carpeted staircase leading to the Blue Room with 12 steps. There is a step up into the Blue Room en suite and a bathtub with shower in the en suite.

Returning downstairs to East kitchen/dining area, turning right there is a lintel in to the Rose Room. There is a further lintel into the shower room and a low step up into the double-wide shower. A further lintel leads into West kitchen with a small rise between the slate and wooden flooring separating the kitchen and dining areas. To the left is a set of 12 steps leading up the the shared family room, two further bedrooms and family bathroom. Two steps lead down into the Cyclamen Room. A shallow lip leads into the family bathroom. A metal runner fixes the carpeting between the family room and Honeysuckle double bedroom.

Returning downstairs, {Eastern Promise} is accessed down three steps and there is a low threshold between the outside patio and the French door into the room. Returning to the kitchen of Farm West, a half-glazed door leads into the Tack Room; a threshold joins the wooden and tile flooring. A low step up leads into the WC from the Tack Room. A further low step leads down into the hot tub room. Patio doors lead from the hot tub room to outside decking; there is a low step between them.

Outside is a garden area to the west. Eight narrow steps lead down from the decking to the garden but these have been gated off for use by staff only. The garden is terraced into two separate levels.

The Games Room

The Games Room is across a lane, but as this is a private road traffic is limited to site vehicles and those of our guests. There is a low step up into the Games Room; inside, everything is on one level with only a shallow lip between bathroom tiling and main room wood flooring.

Hot tub & Sauna

Use of a hot tub or sauna should be restricted to use by those who are physically fit and who in particular do not suffer from a heart condition. The time spent in either a hot tub or sauna should be kept within sensible limits.

Grounds & fields

Hartpiece guests are welcome to walk the private road and explore wooded areas on the farm. Hartpiece is a working farm. Guests are requested to check with the owners before setting off. Dogs are not to be brought into fields with livestock. There are many wonderful walks in the area. Some of these are steep and not in regular use. Please make sure to carry a map or GPS and to leave a note on your whereabouts with others in your party.