Access Statement for Hartpiece holiday lettings dated March 2020

Hartpiece is a farmstead consisting of three accommodation units, the Farm, Hall and Tappen, which together with a separate sauna, Games and laundry room makes up the holiday complex known as Hartpiece.  The dwelling units, the Hall, Farm and Tappen, nestle close to each other but are separate buildings, originally a Devon longhouse, barn and Linhay.   

The site is built on a rolling hill. This aspect means the views from Hartpiece are breathtaking,  but guests do need to be aware that the different areas are linked by stairs. 

This Access Statement is intended to provide guests with a description of the stairs, flooring surfaces, lintels and heights of raised shower trays.  We have used the numbering system shown on the layout pages of our website in this Access Statement to avoid confusion.

Hartpiece Farm:  The farm can be approached from its separate parking area or from the other buildings in the complex.  From the parking area, there are two sets of four stone steps giving on to block paving joining composite decking.  There are outside lights by the main doors and on the decking. There are two steps up and a raised metal lintel from the paving to Farm East front door (F2), two steps and a raised lintel from the decking to Rose Room French door (F3),  two steps from the decking into Farm West kitchen/diner (F3), and a raised lintel into Eastern Promise (F10).  The hot tub room (F9)opens onto the decking via French doors with a raised metal lintel.  The garden beyond is accessed via a flight of seven steps.

The back door, from the Farm’s porch is shown as F1 on the Layout page.  This links, via a flat concrete and paved walkway, to the rest of the site.  There is a raised wooden lintel into the Farm porch; the porch is carpeted. Another raised wooden lintel leads into the Farm East living room (F12).  The floor in F12 is oak boarding in the living area which abuts against the slate flagstones in the kitchen area without a lintel.  

Farm Blue Room (F15): 12 carpeted stairs lead from F12 up to the Blue Room (15), which is carpeted.  There is a stair gate but no lintel at the top of the stairs. The entrance to the generous Blue Room bathroom is a continuation of the carpeting, with a 4” step onto oak floor boards in the bathing area.

Rose Room (F3): The Rose Room is accessed via French doors from the decking (2 steps). Rose Room connects to Farm East living (F2) via a door with raised wooden lintel.  The floor is tiled with bedside rugs. A further door with 2” lintel connects it via a passage to a bathroom (F4). The double-width shower tray is 24cm/9.5” above the level of the oak boarded floor.

Farm West kitchen/living (F5): a raised wooden lintel connects on from the Rose Room to a second kitchen/dining area (“Farm West”).  The kitchen area is paved with slate flagstones which about with oak board flooring in the dining area without a change in level.  

Eastern Promise (F10): two wooden steps lead off  Farm West main room to an oak-floored twin bedroom called the Eastern Promise Room.  A further French door leads onto the composite decking. There is a raised wooden lintel out the French doors.

Tack Room ((F6 & F7):  a door with raised wooden lintel from Farm West Kitchen (F5) leads to a tiled porch called the Tack Room.  A WC (F7) on the right is tiled and accessed via a door with wooden lintel. 

Hot Tub Room (F9): a wooden lintel and 17cm/6.5” step down leads from the Tack Room to the tiled seating area in the Hot Tub Room.   A further 21cm/8” step leads onto wooden flooring and the hot tub. Wide French doors lead outwards to the decking; there is a raised metal lintel and 33cm/14” step.

Outdoors common area and pavilion (See site overview page in Layouts section): the pavilion and BBQ are on the same level as the decking and paved area in front of Hartpiece Farm (shown in blue on the Layout) .  There is a 21cm/8” step from the back of the BBQ area to the walkway linking the Farm, Hall and Tappen. Laundry (O4):there is a 15cm/6” step into the flagstone-floored laundry.

Outside steps leading to main room in the Hall: 10 stone steps lead up from the marquee area to the top level of the Hall (O2); the Sauna (O4) is on the upper level to the left.  On the right is the main door to the Hall (O2a).   There are two more stone steps leading upwards to the Hall parking area (O9).

The Hall: The Hall is an upside-down house, with main living area on the upper floor.  The main door is shown as H1. The main door has an 18cm/7” step and metal lintel and the same is true of the stable door in H6.  The foyer (H1) is tiled. The foyer tiles continue with no separation into the WC on the right (H2). There is a 2.5cm/1” wooden lintel from the foyer into the kitchen and main living area which is continuous oak-board-floored.  An upstairs bedroom, the Mauritania Suite(H4) adjoins the foyer, there is a wooden lintel and oak board flooring continuing through the bedroom and en suite.  There is a 13cm/5” high shower tray.

Hall downstairs: a flight of stairs (12 gated wooden steps) leads to the lower level .  The downstairs landing is tiled (H7). The tiles continue uninterrupted into a bedroom on the right, the Lilac Room (H8).  Beyond this is a family bathroom (H9) with 64cm/24” high bathtub and shower and tiled floor. Two bedrooms to the left of the lower foyer are carpeted throughout with flat metal carpet strip at the entrances (H7a, H11 and H12).  H13 is a tiled with a metal strip where it abuts the carpet to H12. External double doors lead from the Lamplighter Suite, with a raised wooden-lintel around door-matting. Beyond the double doors, with 7cm/2.5” wooden lintel, are four wide steps leading to stone slabs paving and beyond this the pavilion to the west and the Tappen to the east.

Tappen: The Tappen lies to the east of the cluster of dwellings.  There is paved parking for two cars. The Tappen is accessed via five steps.  There is a step and raised metal lintel between the porch and the entrance. The floor is oak boarding in the main areas with a 2cm/3/4” lintel to flagstones in the kitchen area (T1).    The oak flooring continues into the bedrooms (T2 and T5) although there is a champhered 5cm/2” lip into the adjoining wet rooms.

Games Room: the games room lies across the site’s private lane.  There is a 13cm/5” stone step into the Games Room. There is continuous oak flooring throughout save for the full wet room-style bathroom (G4), which is tiled with a low lintel.

Grounds & fields

Hartpiece guests are welcome to walk the private road and explore wooded areas on the farm. Hartpiece is a working farm. Guests are requested to check with the owners before setting off. Dogs are not to be brought into fields with livestock. There are many wonderful walks in the area. Some of these are steep and not in regular use. Please make sure to carry a map or GPS and to leave a note on your whereabouts with others in your party.