Hartpiece offers a welcoming environment. It has been designed to be as safe and accessible as possible given that the site is built on a slope, with buildings on two levels. Parking close and convenient and access up flights of three to five steps. Only the upstairs rooms in the Farm are inaccessible other than up full flights of stairs. Outdoor areas between the buildings are flat and paved.

Actual room layouts are shown on the website. Although the Hall and Farm are built on two levels, like the Tappen, they offer the possibility of single-level living. The Rose Room in the Farm adjoins a double-size shower room and can be accessed directly from the outside by French doors with a meter clearance. A generous stable door welcomes you into the upper-storey of the Hall, where the en suite Sunflower room communicates directly with the kitchen and dining area (nb: the bathroom is rather small; please see layout on the website.)

Realistically, a car is necessary to take advantage of a stay in rural North Devon. A bus service runs, rather irregularly, from the bottom of the half-mile private drive, and taxis are available although expensive. Guests find the farm shop at the bottom of the drive delightful, but other shops, restaurants and pubs are at least mile away in Pilton, Barnstaple and Muddiford. Walking would be an invigorating hour’s hike along footpaths; we do not recommend walking the narrow B3230.

The advantage of being located a steep half mile off the main road will be apparent to parents and light sleepers, who will appreciate being away from traffic and pollution. The site is peaceful and private with very occasional in-house farm traffic passing. There are plenty of reasonably safe roaming areas, although city dwellers need to be aware of country hazards such as ponds, a stream, brambles and sheep fencing. We also have some 100 sheep, 15 cows and some young bullocks on the farm, although the bullocks are seldom grazed in nearby fields. The nearest neighbours are about a mile away. North Devon District Hospital and A& E are two miles from Hartpiece. Two landline telephones are provided. Mobile telephone reception is reasonable, especially to the front of the buildings. Internet access is available via our in-house broadband service. Collection of emails is not encrypted, and service may be compromised if too many users log on at the same time.